MOONS Varsovie is a place where a new approach to wedding aesthetics is being created. Romanticism intermingles with simplicity and respect for high-quality fabric. Our brand philosophy comes from the long for modesty as well as from fascination with sensuality in a very gentle way. By creating our own version of charming minimalism, MOONS rediscovers natural silk, laces and guipure fabric. Its aesthetic looks is designed not only for brides-to-be, but also for maids of honour, bridesmaids or other women celebrating important occasions. Apart from regular and seasonal collections, we create limited editions such as [ FLOWERS STORIES ] collection which has been inspired by boho style. Lidia Popiel is the face of the campaign.

Significant realisations of our work ‚ evening dresses ‚ could be seen on this year's Academy Awards ceremony and The Venice Film Festival. Magda Hueckel, a co-director of an Oscar nominee documentary film 'Our Curse' (in Polish "Nasza Klątwa") was wearing a silk MOONS evening dress in Los Angeles. Paulina Chapko, a leading female role in '11 minutes' (in Polish "11 minut" ) directed by Jerzy Skolimowski also presented our romantic dress on the red carpet in Venice.

A meeting of minimalism with lunar magic. A marriage of simplicity and fabulousness. The Alchemy collection is an evolution of the thoughts concerning the form and rawness in nature. Glare, flash and mystery have joined the raw cuts and transparent silk characteristic for MOONS. A patinated georgette, wool interlaced with a golden thread, ornamented structure of the fabrics, illusion, silver, bohemian adornments, stones, pleats. The element which connects all of the collections by the designer duo is the consistently noble, Sophie Hallette French lace, lightness and the typical for MOONS moderation, in spite enriching the form.

The MOONS duo invited their friends to complement the 2017 collection and create unique mini-collections of accessories: DECOLOVE (elaborately decorated, handmade tiaras, crowns and clips), C by Cosima Borawska (unique, handmade bands with silk elements, made in singular copies), Rosa Gold Chains (subtle jewelry in contemporary formats), Wasze Obrączki (Your Wedding Rings, the most personal rings in the world, manufactured in an outstanding Warsaw goldsmith workshop).

Magnetism collection for 2016 has been inspired by apparent opposites which by attracting each other, they also perfectly complement each other. The inspiration to create this collection was a fascination with harshness and sensuality coming from nature. It reflects women's strength, charisma and the beauty of mind and soul. It is also a continuation of MOONS minimalistic thinking about wedding aethetics. Our designs are based on silk, hand-pleated fabric of gentle chiffon, French laces with a 120-year-old tradition. They perfectly complement woolen and cashmere outfits, leather bags in ecru, patina silver and gold colours. They also create a great match with sophisticated crochet jewellery made of tens of meters of silver chain. It came to life for the FROU FROU limited edition for MOONS Varsovie.

The collection has been designed for all dreamers, strongwomen, queens of their own life, women of passion, sensitive ladies and all those who go against the flow.

The MOONS Varsovie opening collection, which force hides in the noble simplicity. The line for 2015 is a completely new esthetic of wedding fashion, care for a total and coherent image of the Bride. It is also the essence of ethereality combined with the strength of feminine imagination, naturalness and character. Raw cut silks, discrete laces, unspoken transparencies. Probably one of the first concepts for wedding dresses with a sow character. The 2015 collection is turning well known paths and stereotypes, a philosophy thanks to which the MOONGIRL term has been developed – a woman which appreciates who and how she is.

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