AGA PRUS for MOONS • new limited collection of handmade wedding shoes •Stellaria•



HOT MODA: Delighted with new MOONS Varsovie collection! Wedding dresses and accessories from MOONS Varsovie - one of the most interesting choices for brides.

MOONS Varsovie selected among brands run in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. TEXTIFOOD exhibition in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Bridelle: ALCHEMIA, marriage of simplicity and fairytale!

"Polish fashion have not seen a wedding campaign like THIS so far" rewiev by la Mode


Enter The ROOM: We love Polish fashion, especially when it is made with passion by two strong women.

Fashion Post: Unique, sensual MOONS weddig-dresses

New • ALCHEMIA 2017 • collection exclusively presented by ELLE Poland


• ALCHEMIA 2017 •

A meeting of minimalism with lunar magic. A marriage of simplicity and
fabulousness. The Alchemy collection is an evolution of the thoughts
concerning the form and rawness in nature. Glare, flash and mystery have
joined the raw cuts and transparent silk characteristic for MOONS. A
patinated georgette, wool interlaced with a golden thread, ornamented
structure of the fabrics, illusion, silver, bohemian adornments, stones,
pleats. The element which connects all of the collections by the
designer duo is the consistently noble, Sophie Hallette French lace,
lightness and the typical for MOONS moderation, in spite enriching the

The MOONS duo invited their friends to complement the 2017 collection
and create unique mini-collections of accessories:

•  DECOLOVE - elaborately
decorated, handmade tiaras, crowns and clips

•  C by Cosima Borawska - unique, handmade bands with silk elements, made in singular copies

Rosa Gold Chains - subtle jewelry in contemporary formats

•  Wasze
Obrączki (Your Wedding Rings) - the most personal rings in the world,
manufactured in an outstanding Warsaw goldsmith workshop

To see

Who excites us by Min Wedding: MOONS Varsovie

"They are like a wind from the moon. Unique and very feminine. I wanted to write something about them but my attempts did not fully give the magic which they create. Without any real hope, I’ve written an e-mail with a proposition of conducting a mini-interview in terms of our series “Kto nas zachwyca” (“Who excites us”), and to my astonishment I received not only a positive answer but also words of warmth and uniqueness. I invite you to the world of the wonderful MOONS Varsovie, a duo of designers: Maria Folta-Szopinska and Magda Socha-Włodarska". Min Wedding.

We invite you to read the entire interview with the MOONS Varsovie duo:

MOONS designers in blogger Agata Ma Nosa interview

A wonderful day with the creator of the Agata Ma Nosa blog, which resulted in an inspiring talk and a beautiful session.
Agata: What to do in order for your passion to become your life?

MOONS: Understand that achieving such a state is a process which takes many years, bruises, sky rocketing endorphins, diving into the deep end, choices, experiences. That nothing is granted, just like that. That it’s worth getting your hands dirty. Understand. Turn your empathy on. Sometimes let go. Be and not necessarily own.

The entire interview with the MOONS duo can be read at:

Anna Dereszowska, beautiful Polish actress, wearing MOONS Varsovie dress

dress: MOONS Varsovie

make up: Magda Szulc

hair: Aleksandra Płużyńska

photo: WM Media about amazing Polish actress Anna Dereszowska | MOONS Varsovie styling

dress: MOONS Varsovie

make up: Magda Szulc

hair: Aleksandra Płużyńska

WP.PL recommends MOONS Varsovie wedding dresses

MOONS wedding dresses presnted by the Australia's most love wedding blog POLKA DOT BRIDE

"This dreamy magnolia bridal inspiration shoot comes to us all the way from beautiful Poland today.

Photographer Marifoto  teamed up with Love Prints Studio, Moons Varsovie, Decolove, Slodka Gospocha and models Sylvia
& Eve to craft an inspiration shoot inspired by this beautiful
blooms in a botanical garden near Warsaw. The magnolia tree alley taking
centre stage as the beautiful vintage style picnic and vignette turned
into a focal point to enhance the beauty of the blooms".

To see whole post visit:

[ MOONS' FRIENDS ] series about our beloved brands which we recommend and colaborate with. Today we intoduce LOVE PRINTS STUDIO, unique watercolor, floral wedding invitations


unique watercolor, floral  wedding invitations

[ MOONS' FRIENDS ] series about our beloved brands which we recommend and colaborate with. ROSA GOLD CHAINS, sensual handcrafted jewelry

ROSA jewelry available in MOONS online shop:

PHOTO by Nat Kontraktewicz | model: Justyna | Vanilla models & actors

[ MOONS' FRIENDS ] series about our beloved brands which we recommend and colaborate with. AGA PRUS Handmade Shoes.

[ AGA PRUS handmade shoes ]

With this post we initiate a series about our beloved brands which we recommend and colaborate with. Today we intoduce unique AGA PRUS Handmade Shoes, shoes made ​​to measure . This daughter - father duo (designer and shoemaker) has been a meeting of craftsmanship with contemporary design. Each pair of shoes is unique and has already captivated many of our MOONSGIRLS . For MOONS Clientes we have prepared special discounts ! And soon even more surprises ... ♡

Aga Prus shoes are made in Warsaw.

Elle Poland Stylists recommend MOONS Varsovie wedding dresses

MOONS • BEST WEDDINGDRESS BRAND 2015 • by Bridelle Trendsetters

Interview with MOONS duo in the prestigious ukrainian FATA wedding magazine

[ new ] LOOKBOON 2016q

photo: Kamila Piech Photography
model: Natalia Skolimowska | Avant Models Poland
make up: Magdalena Łach | Firma Kokarda
hair: Aleksandra Płużyńska
flowers: WONNA NOVA

[ NEW ] MOONS for bridesmaids

[ 14 Feb 2016 ] let's meet during Wedding Alternative Tradeshow

[ BRAND NEW ] MOONS shop online

[ FROU FROU for MOONS Varsovie ] author jewelry special limited edition

[ FROU FROU for MOONS ] is a unique, limited edition jewelry developed in cooperation with the Frou Frou brand, whose hallmark is crocheted jewelry. Each element is made by hand, from scratch, crocheted out of dozens and often hundreds of meters of silver wire. Replacing laces with precious metals, it modernizes form associated with folk crafts in a minimalist way. The [ FROU FROU for MOONS ] line is characterized by lightness, ethereality and breathability. Just imagine that jewelry is not a winding wire but the space enclosed by the weaves. Something between matter and air. A type of fascination, mutual interaction between [ nothing ] and [ something ].

The [ FROU FROU for MOONS ] collection consists of:
LUNAR IVY | bi-color headband
LUNAR IVY | bi-color bracelets [ 2 in a set ]
MOONLIT WAY | headband [ available in silver, gold, copper, black patina]
MOONLIT WAY | bracelets [ 2 in a set ]
NIGHT BLOSSOM | headband
WOVEN LEAVES EARRINGS | earrings [ available in silver, gold, copper, black patina]
MIDNIGHT | headband [ patina black ]
SUNSET | headband [ gold ]
SUNRISE | headband [ silver ]

Jewelry is made from 930 standard silver, gold-plated 930 standard silver, gold, pink gold-plated 930 standard silver and oxidized 930 standard silver.

[ 28-29 November 2015 ] MOONS Varsovie at "Wedding" Bridal Trades at National Stadium in Warsaw

MOONS evening dress at VOGUE Spain.

Thank you ELLE Poland ♡

"No need to look for your dream dress abroad studying the offers of Pronovias , Vera Wang , Jenny Packham , Carolina Herrera. Now you can find original and beautiful creations here as well " (...)
ELLE Poland

• MAGNETISM • 2015/2016 COLLECTION Dresses, accessories, clutch bags.

MOONS Varsovie 2016 collection is rich in woolen and cashmere outfits, sophisticated crochet jewellery lfrom imited FROU FROU for MOONS Varsovie edition and leather clutches bags in ecru, patina silver and gold colours.


Paulina Chapko in MOONS Varsovie dress on the red carpet of the 72. Venice Film Festival. A leading female role in '11 minutes' (in Polish "11 minut" ) directed by Jerzy Skolimowski.

Real weddings, real love. Our MOONS Brides. More photos in section >>CLIENTS

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